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21 January 2007

I guess this has turned into more of a web page about Skyla than me, which is fine. In that great tradition, here is a picture from Skyla's first birthday party!

Cake! Cake!

It was pretty excellent, but as hot as the 653rd layer of the Demonic Abyss. Most of the drinks we bought had evaporated before anyone got to them, including the packaging. I like to think everyone had a good time anyway, I know my little girl definitely did!

We now have approximately six metric tonnes of toys, which Skyla gleefully unwrapped last night. We either need a new house or slipgate technology to manage our storage issues. Probably the former, as I don't relish the thought of accidently opening gates to four different nightmare dimensions.

In un-Skyla related news, I just finished Zone of Enders 2 Anubis. This is a big deal. Thank you.

10 April 2006

So anyway, here's another picture of Skyla, because I can.

Tummy time!

29 January 2006

It's official, I have not updated my home page for over a year. Go on, ask me if I care. Then ask me if anyone else cares either.

The big news this year, of course, is the arrival of Skyla Wedd!

Skyla Ashley Wedd

She sleeps, she eats, she cries, and she acts generally cute. This being a Dad business is actually pretty cool, I could get used to it. Which is good because I no longer have any choice. The title of Father has been permanently stapled onto the back of my neck, and it feels good.

13 January 2005

2005 is here! Time for my yearly homepage update.

The honeymoon was excellent.

In brief:

Hong Kong is still excellent. Almost didn't want to leave. Heavy japanese influence there now though, and hundreds of dodgey indian guys try to sell you fake rolex whenever you step onto Nathan street. Linda lost control and stocked up on many cheap VCDs. I lost control and bought a video camera.

Rome is cramped and dirty, and Italian people are rude. Disappointing. However the old ruins and sights around the city almost made up for it. Colluseum rocked very hard. Italian pizza bad.

Florence was a much nicer city than Rome, but bloody cold. Hella impressive cathedral, etc. Venice was even nicer, one of the highlights of the trip. Gondaliers were unexpectedly loud and drunk. Pretty funny. Bought masks!

Paris was cool, literally and figuratively. God, the closer you got to the goddamn river the colder it got. I thought I was going to die. And the tower is of course right next to the aforementioned goddamn river. Oh well. Lines too long to wait around and actually go up inside so we just took some photos from underneath. French people unexpectedly polite.

Zurich very nice, clean, pleasant city with not much remarkable to see or do there. Reminded me of Adelaide ;) Only had 2 days so didn't do anything cool like go skiing or anything, just ate some German sausages.

I got Half Life 2 just before we left for the trip. Its pretty awesome, but the loading times have been known to kill small children. Linda and I have both also just finished Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow. Man, what a rocking game it was.

So, thus far the year is off to a roaring start. Awesome.

26 November 2004

Last Sunday I married the woman of my dreams. I would say that life doesn't get any better than this, but I would be wrong because in a few days time it will. We will be leaving to honeymoon in Hong Kong and Europe. I seriously doubt life gets any better than that.

The wedding ceremony was so perfect that I fear a vicious storm of negative karma must be hearing my way to make up for it. Maybe that was the reception. It was all pretty much a stressful blur but at least it involved alot of Linda. Also alot of dancing. With Linda.

Oh yeah, bad karma is on its way for sure.

I watched The Grudge on Monday. At least, I sat in the cinema while The Grudge was projected onto the screen before me. I can't really say I watched it because the aforementioned cinema was host to a rather disgusting infection of snot-nosed teenage brats who decided that constant loud giggling and chattering was the best way to behave in a crowded movie theater. As a result all possible atmosphere or suspense was entirely shattered, and I honestly have no idea if the movie was any good or not.

Oh well, another cinematic experience ruined. And people wonder why DVDs are so popular.

10 October 2004

Today I am depressed.

Depressed because my country is subject to another three years of lies, deception, incompetence and short-sightedness. If things were ever going to change, now was our chance. It was our chance to stand up and say "No. What you have done is not OK. We will not stand for it."

Instead, the people of my country have stood up and given John Howard the big thumbs-up. "Good-onya mate! Keep it up! I didn't want a public education system anyway, all the best schools are private. By the way, who does George want us to invade next?"

I feel partly responsible, even though I voted against this. I could have done more to raise awareness, to make people understand, but I didn't. I trusted that this man's deeds spoke for themselves and that the people would not let him get away with it.

Well I was wrong. The people did let him get away with it. They were too busy looking at their own hip-pocket to raise their eyes to the bigger picture, they were pitifully easily cowed by a simple scare campaign, and it has cost us another three years of Howard.

I guess we really must be as stupid as he thinks we are.

I am not proud to be an Australian today, but I will get over it.

21 August 2004

Very sick la.
Added a link to Morningstar! About time too, I am very slack. Go check it out if you have somehow made your way here without previously being aware of it. Story and art by Andrew Carpenter, who is a legend beyond what words can convey.

10 August 2004

My Netspace account is set up! So this homepage has now moved. Still no actual broadband to speak of, but at least this is a sign that things are happening.

Also ran (read: walked) in the City to Surf on the weekend. It still hurts a bit. I am proud to say that myself and Linda came twenty-nine thousand, four hundred and thirtieth! Athletes, thats what we are.

Oh, by the way, if your video shop has a decent asian movie section, go see Infernal Affairs. Thanks.

22 July 2004

Guilty pleasures.

Reality television. Big Brother. Australian Idol. Hahaha look at that silly woman sing so badly. Check out Merlin and his awesome refugee protest. I'll give you the hot tip. Reality in the loosest sense of the word.

James Patterson. Distills everything cool about cheesy serial-killer movies and compresses it into large print paperback. Makes me feel good about my chapter lengths. Signed a book for me. Legend.

King of Fighters '96. Balance? We don't need no stinking balance.

Frente! Wait, I don't feel guilty about that. Move along.

7 July 2004

When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the Earth.

I finally found time to see the Dawn of the Dead remake!

Plenty to like there. Chainsaws, apocalyptic cityscapes, unlikely heroes and, of course, never ending hordes of flesh-eating zombies! Mind you, the zombies were a little too athletic for my tastes. Forget the clumsy, lumbering zombies of the original. These are track-and-field zombies as seen in 28 Days Later, and all the more dangerous for it.

At the end of the day though, what has happened is the almost cerebral 1978 Dawn of the Dead has been turned into a modern frightfest with only a passing nod to the symbolic undertones of the original. I guess you get that in this day and age and I should be thankful that the movie was as good as it was, but I can't help but feel the result was a bit on the hollow side.

Don't get me wrong, the movie rocks very hard and overall I heartily recommend it for any lover of the living dead. Just don't expect it to be anything like the original.

1 July 2004

Well, I finally took the plunge and installed Linux, and I have to say it is one of the few really, really good decisions that I have made in my short life.
After some initial fooling around with Knoppix (a CD-based distro which wasn't really made for a hard drive installation), I ended up going with Mandrake.
Pretty much haven't been back to XP since. It's that good.
For interest's sake (if indeed, there is any) here is a screenshot of my desktop. Mind you, it is usually more cluttered than that. I just wanted to show off my Puss In Boots background.

I am hanging out for the Australian release of Farenheit 911, if only to see the comedy generated by the associated right-wing backlash.

Wedding plans going well. Writing going not so well. Still haven't seen Dawn of the Dead.

31 Mar 2004

Downloaded Firefox today, in the vague hope that it may include some built-in download resuming utility. It was not to be. However I did end up with a rather cool new web browser that lacks some of the bloat of Mozilla.
I also ditched the profile section of my homepage as it was a waste of space and nobody will know or care that it is gone. This section alone is presumptuous and vain enough to last me for a lifetime. I suspect that the only reason I am writing this at all is to procrastinate about the writing I know I should be doing.

30 Mar 2004

Two things. First thing:

House of 1000 Corpses.

Points to Rob Zombie for creating such an unrelenting horror experience. Can't say I thought it was very good though. While I have to admire its purity, there was no true feeling of suspense or fear. Instead it was like watching a grisly two-hour music-clip, and I left the cinema with an overwhelming sense of "meh". Might have helped if just one of the protaganists had been even the slightest bit likeable...

Second thing:
I dropped by the Golden Tandoori restaurant in Northbridge (Perth) tonight. Not bad at all, but possibly not a life-changing experience. Here's the deal ...

Pappadams: Great.

Samosa: Nice, but not exceptional.
Chicken Vindaloo: "As hot as it gets" apparently equates to mild/medium. Oh well, at least it was tasty.
Naan: Terrible. Very disappointing given the quality of the rest of the food. Depressingly thin and almost crispy. Avoid. Get more pappadams instead.
Raita: Good. 'Nuff said.
Mango Chutney: Average/Poor. Not bad but just a little too sweet. Bit of a mass-produced kind of taste.
Service: Excellent. Almost no waiting time and very friendly.
Overall: Average indian food with good service. I would probably eat there again, but wouldn't make a habit of it.

3 Dec 2003

Well, I finally got sick of my old homepage.

Get Firefox